The Bedford Education Foundation has been fortunate to have many advocates over the years. One such advocate is community member Bill Greiner, who advocated for the town to get its own high school – and also has been a stalwart advocate for each of its schools.

Last night, Greiner was honored at the BEF’s 2018 Gala. This event was attended by nearly 250 community members and raised nearly $100,000 for the Bedford Education Foundation. As always, all of the funds raised from this event are used to help our teachers bridge gaps in their resources.

“Many of the teachers in our community are aware of needs in their schools and classrooms,” said Bedford Superintendent Mike Fournier. “While the town budget does not always permit us to grant every wish our educators have, a night such as this goes a long way to ensuring that all of the classrooms in our district have what they need to meet each child at their educational level.”

Thank you to all who were able to attend and support the BEF!