About the Bedford Education Foundation

Mission of the BEF

The mission of the Bedford Education Foundation is to support the academic excellence of the Bedford public schools by raising and providing funds for the benefit of its students.

 The long term goals of the BEF are to:

  • Establish a self-sustaining endowment fund for educational excellence in the schools.
  • Enhance educational opportunities at all levels throughout the entire Bedford school district (PreK-12).
  • Encourage creative and innovative teachers.
  • Foster an environment of community involvement in the interest of our children’s education

Responsibilities of the BEF

The Bedford Education Foundation (BEF) is a community based independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) and non-partisan organization whose mission is to support academic excellence of the Bedford, New Hampshire public schools by raising and providing funds for the benefit of its students. Consistent with this mission, the BEF will raise monies from individuals and businesses through an annual appeal and community events. The BEF channels its funds back to the schools through grants. Teachers, staff and administrators may apply for grants each year. These grants are awarded for programs that support for ongoing professional development and innovative projects that enhance the curriculum and refine teaching practices.

BEF provides funds to schools beyond the normal operating budget and solely for programs and activities that will enhance the learning opportunities for students, and enable Bedford teachers to search for effective and creative strategies that ensure every child receives an excellent education. The BEF will not use its funds to replace the taxpayers’ responsibilities for funding education.

Founded in the late 1990’s by a small group of Bedford residents, the organization was originally known as the Bedford Endowment Foundation. In 2005, Doug Pearson asked volunteers to come together and revive the Foundation. Now known as the Bedford Education Foundation, we have been supporting education grants since 2005.

Affiliation with the Bedford School District

While independent of the school district, the BEF has an open and collaborative relationship with the Bedford School District. The BEF works closely with the School District to ensure that BEF grants not only further the BEF mission, but also reflect school system goals. In addition, representatives from both the Superintendent’s office and the School Board serve as liaisons to the BEF.