Our Board

The BEF is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Directors are elected for three year terms.

Current Board:
Joseph Bator, Chair
Paul Brock, Acting Treasurer
Sonya van der Meer, Secretary
Sue Jennato, School Board Liaison (Non-Voting)
Kara Speaker
Nicole Cassamassino
Loren Foxx
Erin Kane
Peter Galamaga
Kara LaMarche

Transition Team & Board Members
Greg Rehm
Paul Mailhot
Brit Munsterteiger
Michael Fournier

Contact us: info@befnh.org

Honorary Members
Douglas Pearson
Hilary Meyers
Bill Greiner

Bedford School Board Liaison to BEF
Tom Laliberte

If you think you may be interested in serving on the Board, please complete the form below.