Our Board

The BEF is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Directors are elected for three year terms.

Current Board:
Joseph Bator, Chair
Paul Brock, Acting Treasurer
Sonya van der Meer, Secretary
Kara Speaker
Nicole Cassamassino
Loren Foxx
Erin Kane
Peter Galamaga

Transition Team & Board Members
Greg Rehm
Paul Mailhot
Brit Munsterteiger
Michael Fournier

Contact us: info@befnh.org

Honorary Members
Douglas Pearson
Hilary Meyers
Bill Greiner

Bedford School Board Liaisons
Tom Laliberte
Sue Jennato, School Board Liaison (Non-Voting)
Kara LaMarche, School Board Liaison (Non-Voting)

If you think you may be interested in serving on the Board, please complete the form below.